About Katie

After Katie was introduced to Iyengar yoga, her experiences of deep relaxation and improved health with yoga practice led to an exploration of  hands-on body therapies including Therapeutic Massage, Zero Balancing, Myofascial, Structural and Visceral Bodywork, Hydrotherapy and Qigong techniques.

“In my years of practice I’ve observed the role that stress plays in our daily lives, its impact on the health of every level of an individual’s body/mind/spirit, and how this is the greatest obstacle to vitality, happiness and well-being. I’ve also come to appreciate the importance of thorough knowledge of the body, anatomy and chi (or energy), and how to work with these aspects with precision to provide the most beneficial treatments for my clients. Nothing is more satisfying than to see the afterglow of a session where a client has experienced a new level of deep relaxation and wellness.” 

Katie has taught and practiced bodywork in the Boston area since 1997. She is a certified Zero Balancing practitioner and licensed massage therapist. Katie is certified by the National Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

“After as a serious injury that impaired movement I had months of PT. Then my doctor recommended therapeutic massage. Katie Keane changed my life. Her body work helped me relax, further repair and rejuvenate. Katie is amazing. I highly recommend her services.”

D. Ketover, Owner, Dede Ketover Consulting