Greetings, with wishes that you and your loved ones are well. To help support you during the current pandemic, I’ve created this video of a breathing practice that is effective for reducing stress and maintaining balance (and easy to do!):

Longevity Breathing Yoga Practice Session

I hope you find this useful

In health,


“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” – Chinese Proverb

The demands of  life often take a toll on our health and well-being. Balancing Bodywork, including Zero Balancing, Chi Gung techniques and Therapeutic Massage, bring you back to balance. With slightly different approaches, all of these hands-on therapies can:

  • relieve muscular aches and chronic pain
  • soothe headaches and mental tension
  • relieve emotional stress and  fatigue
  • increase vitality and inner calm
  • increase physical balance and groundedness
  • enhance overall well-being

Using one or a combination of these hands-on therapies, I collaborate with you to design a treatment plan that works most effectively to help you reduce pain and tension and reach your goals for better health and well-being.  We also focus on how you can get in touch with your body from the inside out and develop ways to maintain relaxation and well-being in between sessions with simple stretching and Chi Gung exercises.

“Katie has a profound knowledge of what she does. She also is very accomplished in listening and attending to her clients. Katie is able to not only help her patients herself but clearly and concisely instructs what one can do to help themselves. I highly recommend her care!”

J. Feinstein, Musician, Montessori Teacher

“I have been seeing Katie for years, and can highly recommend her. As a massage therapist myself, I have extremely high standards when it comes to getting a massage, and Katie has never let me down. She’s fantastic!”

K. Garms, LMT